Biodiesel plant contractor appointed


Source: Clean Development Projects Limited

Clean Development Projects Limited is proud to announce our commitment to develop a series of biodiesel refineries in Mexico.  CDP will be contracting the UK company VEPOWER Limited to design, build and oversee the operation of the plants.

CDP is committed to sustainable development and is developing an extensive network of bioenergy plantations in Southern Mexico, cultivating biofuel crops in conjunction with organic food.  The bioenergy will largely come in the form of oil bearing seeds such as those from the native Jatropha tree.

VEPOWER will develop biodiesel refineries to process the vegetable oil and create a high specification biofuel for any suitable diesel engine.  Previously the design and engineering leads in VEPOWER have developed several ground breaking refineries in the UK.  One of these was, at the time of construction, the largest biodiesel plant in Europe.

CDP’s commitment to sustainability demands only the best quality fuel as poor fuels are inefficient and cause mechanical faults to develop in vehicles.  To that end VEPOWER will apply their extensive skills in designing plants to produce highly refined fuels efficiently, using renewable energy such as biofuels to power the systems.

As well as a team of highly trained site engineers, VEPOWER will provide constant supervision of the plants remotely from their head quarters in the UK.  Modern digital technologies and the Internet will facilitate this exciting development.

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