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Biofuel to power dover port

Renewable Energy Generation Group, owner of biofuel manufacturer REG Bio-Power, has signed a five-year contract to supply the Port of Dover with heat and electricity.

REG has constructed a combined heat and power plant at Dover Docks, which will be powered with fuel derived from waste cooking oil.

As part of the firm’s first independent commercial contract, 150 KW engine generator set (genset) will then be installed to supply a proportion of Dover Dock’s annual heat and electricity, totalling around 6-8MW. Around 250 tonnes of biofuel is need to power the facility annually.  

REG Bio-Power managing director Ian Collins said: “As energy efficiency and the environment become increasingly important to consumers, UK businesses are responding. Our CHP systems allow businesses to demonstrate corporate responsibility, reduce costs and enhance security and reliability.”

REG Bio Power produce the UK’s first end of waste vegetable oil fuel in the UK called LF100, a status which was granted after prolonged discussions with the Environment Agency.

The firm’s oil processing arm, Living Fuels, collects used cooking oil from over 190 household waste and recycling centres across the UK, as well as from over 50 schools and 20 prisons.

Dover’s electricity prices will be fixed for the first three years with REG with scope to roll out similar operations across the dock once this project is implemented at the beginning of February.

Biofuel to power dover port

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