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Biofuels 2007 Announcement - 29-31 October 2007, Vienna, Austria


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BIOFUELS 2007 29-31 October 2007, Marriott Hotel, Vienna

Building on the highly successful 2006 European Biofuels Forum which attracted over 300 attendees from 36 countries, The World Refining Association is delighted to announce that Biofuels 2007 will be taking place on 29-31 October in Vienna, Austria.

Energy security issues, government policies and the strive towards more environmentally friendly transportation fuels all contribute towards the ever increasing importance of the rapidly growing biofuels industry.

Whilst maintaining a predominantly European focus, Biofuels 2007 will also inject a more global feel with two sessions dedicated entirely to the biofuels markets in the Americas and Asia. Other areas to be discussed include agricultural issues affecting the biofuels industry, investment and funding in the biofuels market, biofuel support issues, case studies and key issues in European biodiesel, ethanol and biogas production, biofuels and the transportation industry and the latest advances in biofuels technology.

The three day conference will begin with a site visit for attendees to BioDiesel Vienna’s plant in Lobau which is the largest and most technologically advanced in Austria producing 95,000 tons of biodiesel per annum.

Early Confirmed Speakers:

• Walter Böhme, Head of Innovations, OMV
• Sillas Oliva Filho, Marketing Manager, Ethanol & Oxygenates, PETROBRAS
• Analía Acosta Lorenzo, Biofuels Manager, REPSOL YPF ABB
• Jan Brentebraten, Marketing Director, FORD EUROPE
• Artur Thernesz, Director, Downstream Technology & Development, MOL
• Paul Hodson, Administrator, Unit of Regulatory Policy, EU COMMISSION
• Josef Modl, Executive Vice President, VOGELBUSCH
• Michael Liebreich, CEO & Founder, NEW ENERGY FINANCE
• Rob Vierhout, Secretary General, eBIO
• Peter Boisen, Chairman, ENGVA

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