Biofuels Producers – Ethanol and Biodiesel – Must Comply with Clean Water Act and Monitor Oil/Grease Discharge Levels


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E. Norwalk, CT, June 24, 2010 – Ethanol and Biodiesel producers have been attracting the attention of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), as well as other government regulatory agencies, and coming under closer scrutiny to ensure their wastewater discharges comply with the Clean Water Act (CWA).  Both Ethanol and Biodiesel plants have been fined for wastewater discharges exceeding established permit levels for oil/grease levels and polluting nearby streams and waterways. While Ethanol and Biodiesel plants are relatively new to the industrial community, they need to comply with operating permits and be able to respond to potential violations. This requires Biofuels Producers to monitor their waste byproducts more closely prior to discharging and measure oil/grease concentration levels to ensure compliance. 

The portable, easy-to-use InfraCal TOG/TPH Analyzers are based on field-proven technology for oil/grease measurements. They enable on-site measurements in 10-15 minutes, eliminating the need to wait for off-site lab results.  Measurement data obtained with the InfraCal Model HATR-T2 will correlate to EPA Method 1664 and with the InfraCal Model CVH to ASTM Method D 7066-04 and EPA Methods 413.2 and 418.1. With either InfraCal TOG/TPH Analyzer, biofuels plant operators can quickly and easily measure the oil/grease concentration level of their waste byproducts and has assurance they are not discharging effluent that is above the regulatory limit.

The InfraCal TOG/TPH Analyzers are the world-wide standard for measuring total oil/grease concentration levels in water.  They are widely used in the oil and gas marketplace on offshore oil platforms and refineries, as well as in numerous other industries for measuring fats, oil and grease concentration levels in wastewater.

For further information on the use of the InfraCal TOG/TPH Analyzers, please contact:  Wilks Enterprise, Inc., 25 Van Zant Street, Ste. 8F, E. Norwalk, CT 06855 USA, TEL: 203-855-9136,  FAX: 203-838-9868, email: or visit our Web Site --  

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Headquartered in E. Norwalk, Connecticut, Wilks Enterprise specializes in easy-to-use, portable mid-infrared analyzers for specific measurement applications.  All Wilks analyzers have been specifically designed for on-site use by non-technical personnel and are used for a wide variety of applications in the biofuels, environmental, petrochemical, quality control, and manufacturing industries.  These portable analyzers enable analytical measurements to be made in the field, helping to eliminate the wait for off-site lab results.


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