Biogas leaks found fast


Source: Geotech

Geotech TDL-500 tunable laser diode detects methane leaks at 1 ppm and is ATEX certified
18 November 2011, UK --
Geotech recently contacted users of its gas leak finder to check its performance. Introduced to help AD plant operator safety, retain valuable gas, minimise odour and maintain licence compliance, the Geotech TDL-500 also has a GPS option which helps in landfill and pipeline gas leak finding. The tunable laser diode of the TDL-500 detects methane (CH4) at 1 ppm and is ATEX certified.  

A customer who regularly monitors methane emissions from landfill and now uses a fleet of TDL-500s, having used and tested a range of alternative equipment said, 'We’ve been using this instrument since April 2010 for measuring methane emissions at landfill sites. The instrument has proved invaluable at identifying areas where methane is being emitted and allowed appropriate corrective action to be taken. This has allowed targeted investment in gas collection infrastructure allowing more gas to be captured and ultimately led to increased revenues from electricity generation and fewer odour complaints from local residents.

It’s also proved extremely effective at detecting and locating point source emissions, On one occasion we picked up the emissions from a broken monitoring valve 50m away from the emission point and were able to track it back to the source.” Regarding ease of use, this customer said, “In use we’ve found the TDL-500 to be very user friendly. The instructions are clear and concise and once you’ve got your scales and alarms set up as you want the settings are retained for future use. After that, it’s just a question of turn on and go.” This customer’s company does not allow attributed comments.

At an AD plant, Shaun Cherry at Fernbrook Bio said: 'Very good piece of equipment and very easy to use. Does exactly what it says on the tin. Detected two leaks that were traced within two minutes and these were the only ones on the plant, without this equipment these would have gone unnoticed. A must for anyone associated with biogas plant building. Well worth using for peace of mind.

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