BIOGAS NORD builds up business in Italy

BIOGAS NORD AG, Bielefeld, is taking further important steps to expand its overseas business and to this end has entered into a long term partnership with Marcopolo, a company based in Borgo S. Dalmazzo. Marcopolo is a refuse gas plant operator. Within the framework of this partnership, the Italian partner has taken a ten percent stake in the newly founded subsidiary, BIOGAS NORD Italia S.R.L. The new company, which has its headquarters near Verona, has already landed its first contract to build a biogas plant. The plant, which is already under construction, will be in the province of Alessandria. It is planned to start operation later this year.

Marcopolo is also set to commission BIOGAS NORD to build several biogas plants and will operate them itself once they are completed. As well as a further three biogas plants for Marcopolo, another two plant projects are planned for other clients for 2009. The regulatory framework for operating biogas plants in Italy is very favourable and the market is therefore expected to see a corresponding growth. Electricity generated from biogas in plants with an output of up to one megawatt is supported by the legislature with a subsidy of 0.30 EUR per kilowatt/hour over a period of 15 years. The focus in Italy is on Nawaro plants, which are fed with maize and can also run on liquid manure and dung from cattle farming.

'Italy will be a key focal market abroad for us“, said Matthias Kubat, Financial Director of BIOGAS NORD. 'Taking into account the favourable regulatory framework, we expect a rapid increase in demand for biogas plants. Together with our local partner, we are very well equipped to participate in the boom expected in Italy.“

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