Biogas Upgrading Market


The global biogas upgrading market is expected to reach $338.5 million by the year 2016 at the compounded annual growth rate of 22%. Europe is the largest contributor to the growth of this market and it is expected to hold the market value of $250.5 million in 2016 with CAGR of 22%. Asia Pacific market is projected to reach $83.9 million at a CAGR of 22.8% by the year 2016. Renewable energy is expected to be one of the fastest growing energy sources in the near future. The market for biogas generation is estimated to grow significantly due to its use in number of residential and industrial applications. Biogas offers better efficiency as compared to other renewable energy resources and it is even more cost effective.

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Currently, Asia leads in total number of biogas plants; however, majority of them are small scale plants serving single home or a community. Europe has more number of biogas plants compared to America and the number is expected to grow in near future with the rising awareness of the use of biogas and growing environmental concerns. Production of biogas is cost effective as feed required for its production is easily available.

It generally requires municipal waste, biowaste, energy crops, and agricultural waste among others. Biogas is generated from microbial fermentation known as anaerobic digestion. Anaerobic digester is at the heart of the equipment and its combination with turbine or gas engine constitutes the whole power plant. Desire to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and strict regulations from government are some of the important factors driving the growth of biogas plant construction and its upgradation. Reduction in expense on fuel, and price volatility of fossil fuels are some other factors encouraging the interest in use of biogas.

Market Segmentation

  • Based on Technology
  • Water Scrubbers 
  • Pressure Swing Adsorption Systems 
  • Physical Absorption 
  • Chemical Absorption Units 
  • Membrane Systems Units 
  • Based on Cryogenic Technology.

This research report analyzes this market based on its market segments and major geographies. Geographies analyzed under this research study are North America, Asia Pacific, Europe, and Rest of the World.

This research report provides complete analysis of major

  • Market segments
  • Current market trends
  • Factors driving market growth 
  • Restraints Industry structure 
  • Market projections for upcoming years

This report also provides analysis of technological improvements in this industry, Porter’s five force model analysis, and complete company profiles of top market players. It provides review of micro and macro factors significant for existing market players and new entrants.

Major Players

Some of the key players dominating this market are Acrona Systems, Air Liquide, Carbotech, Cirmac, DGE GmbH, DMT Environmental Technology, Dreyer and Bosse Kraftwerke GmbH, Greenlane Biogas, Guild Associates, Kohler and Ziegler, Malmberg Water, MT Energie, Prometheus Energy, Ros Roca Envirotec, Xebec Adsorption, Van Der Wiel Stortgas, and others.

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