BiogenGreenfinch and Geotech work together to develop portable and fixed biogas monitoring


Source: Geotechnical Instruments (UK) Ltd

Geotech's partnership with AD technology suppliers BiogenGreenfinch started in 2008 with the loan of two newly introduced biogas analysers - a portable Biogas Check and a static Geotech Automated Extraction Monitoring System (AEMS). BiogenGreenfinch were the first in the UK to try, test and report on these then-new introductions. “It gave us the benefit of seeing and using new equipment which helped with our experiments and gave Geotech UK user experience and a reference site,” said Lucy Lewis, BiogenGreenfinch Innovations Manager .

Since then the AD equipment has become widely used in UK and beyond. Geotech AEMS biogas analysers are now in current use at BiogenGreenfinch’s AD plants “We look forward to similar mutually beneficial trials arrangements in future,” said Simon Sheridan at Geotech.

Portable biogas analyser

BiogenGreenfinch’s Innovations team, trialled the Geotech Biogas Check biogas analyser on laboratory and full-scale anaerobic digesters. Measurement of the percentage methane within the biogas provided an excellent indicator of the health of a digester. “Our trials concluded the Biogas Check analyser is straightforward and very simple to use, whilst also producing robust and reliable results,” said Dr Becky Arnold, Research Scientist at BiogenGreenfinch.

Static automatic biogas analyser

In a successful research project the static gas analyser’s automated biogas analysis helped BiogenGreenfinch to determine methane gas yield from potatoes in an anaerobic digester. The data appeared instantly on screen as collected and indicated the percentage of CH4, CO2 and H2S. These measurements were used to calculate the biogas methane yield per tonne of organic dry matter. Becky Arnold said, “Data readings every thirty minutes from the static biogas analyser enhanced our depth of knowledge and understanding of digester behaviour and response. It transformed data acquisition.”

Before using the automatic monitoring of the Geotech AEMS system with which they selected 30-minute gas-read intervals, BiogenGreenfinch analysed biogas output volume and quality manually once a day before adding the potato feed to the digester. Then with 48 automated reading every day for three months of the trial, they were able to observe changes in the digester’s response 24 hours per day and specifically look at its response following feeding.

Becky Arnold said, “Once commissioned by Geotech their equipment ran faultlessly. It gave us all the data we needed on screen with Internet browsers in our offices or from anywhere we needed it at any time of day or night. When we had queries, support from Geotech was excellent.”

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