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Biomass, an alternative for balancing the energy system


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Amid the upsurge in wind and solar projects, balancing power capacities are necessary. Biomass is a solution in this regard, being not only renewable, but also accessible, its vast untapped potential mainly coming from the agricultural land available in Romania.

Following an increase of about 140 % in 2013 in terms of installed power capacities, projects using biomass and its derivatives, such as biogas (including cogeneration projects) came to 65 MW in total, remaining the only ones unaffected by the recent changes in the green certificates (GCs) subventions scheme. Hence, the electricity generated by biomass power facilities receives 2 GCs/MWh for a 15-year period. Additionally, there is an extra GC, provided biomass derives from energy crops (i.e. rape, soya plants, sunflower, even corn), as well as if the electricity is produced in high-efficiency biomass power plants.

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