Biomass Feedstock Potential and Government Support Mechanisms

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The report covers biomass feedstock types, biomass production volumes, government support mechanisms, biomass feedstock prices and the future biomass production volume potential to 2020 in each of the 12 countries covered:- Russia, the US, China, Brazil, Canada, India, Japan, the UK, Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Norway.

Features and benefits

  • Type of biomass used and the potential volume of biomass utilization in each of the 12 researched countries.
  • The cost of power generation from biomass by the various biomass technology types.
  • Government support mechanisms that target the development of biomass power generation in the countries covered.


The countries covered in the databook are ranked based on biomass potential in 2020.

Your key questions answered

  • Which country has the largest biomass utilization and production volume potential in 2020?
  • What is the current production volume of biomass?
  • What is the level of government support for biomass power generation and what support mechanisms are currently in place?

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