Biomass reaches the heart of Spanish cities with specific solutions for the end consumer


Biomass in your Home’ is a roadshow organised by AVEBIOM to meet the information demands of people living in different cities. Its technical team have encountered a wide range of profiles of people interested in gaining access or providing solutions thanks to the multiple possibilities that biomass offers for heating homes.

The representative sample – based on the first six stop-offs of the roadshow on its 10-city 2015 tour – includes the following profiles: single family home owners; apartment owners; housing communities; current biomass equipment users; local installers; ESEs or professionals interested in becoming one; biofuel manufacturers or those interested in supplying raw materials; architects; housing developers and property agents; hostelry professionals and others, such as students.

Visitors to the roadshow who already have knowledge of biomass heating equipment are turning up to find a solution for their particular case. Some want to change the heating system in a second home they have in the country.  Others are looking for information on the benefits of a switch to biomass to present to their housing community. Most say they do not know how Energy Service Enterprises (ESEs) operate or what kind of financing these service providers offer; when they do find out, it’s usually with an enthusiastic response.  

As far as current user satisfaction is concerned, the vast majority claim maximum satisfaction with the operation and performance of their biomass boilers and stoves, and also with the cleanliness and convenience compared to using firewood. Other causes for great satisfaction are the degree of the equipment’s automation, comfort in the home and the comparative savings.

Local installers have also been asked about their impressions as experts. The most experienced say they are convinced that by sizing equipment correctly, and by explaining optimum performance and suitable programming to users, they are able to provide equipment with the same performance and reliability as any conventional system. In fact, the only inconvenience they can point out is the need for a larger space for storing biofuel. Most of the installers asked also pointed out the importance of word-of-mouth as the main motor for change in villages and neighbourhoods. Only a few of those surveyed said there was a lack of a quality control system for installations.

Individualised information on specific actions, financing schemes and contacts for IDAE and AVEBIOM was given to ESEs, biofuel manufacturers, architects, housing developers and land managers, hostelry professions etc. based on their specific case.

As for the final consumer, the ‘Biomass in your Home’ team offers specific answers and technical explanations that attempt to quash mistaken arguments, clear up any muddled perceptions and tackle prejudice. In many cases they have managed to convince the undecided.

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