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Biorefinery is coming to the UK and Ireland


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After the first plant in Blíževedly in the Czech Republic has proven to be a perfect affair for operators and investors, numerous German farmers have discovered the bio refinery as a supplementary source of income for themselves.

Extension of activities to the UK and Ireland

Now British, Irish and Scottish farmers can also use our technology. Starting next week in the London office of Biofabrik, our customer advisers will be available for consultations with farmers, biogas plant operators, cattle and sheep farmers in the UK, Scotland and Ireland.

The Green Refinery® Bio refinery offers companies in the grass processing industries a completely new revenue potential with which safe, sustainable and automated double-digit returns are achieved.

A model for large user groups

It is not relevant whether farmers buy the bio refinery themselves or lease it. The investor model allows them to benefit from the bio refinery without private investment. Here, the system is financed by investors and the operator is involved in the success of the bio refinery with a performance participation and a fixed lease.
Its seamless integration and fully automatic operation allows the bio refinery to be incorporated easily into the existing production processes of the company.

An important step towards true sustainability

In addition to the profitability for site owners and investors, the bio refinery has further significant advantages:
It produces the raw materials for a healthy chemical and food industry from grass instead of fossil fuels such as oil. Products include, inter alia, healthy and pure biological fertilisers free of genetically modified material. This in turn will help to meet the world’s growing demand for food and vegetable raw materials in a healthy and sustainable way.

At bio refinery locations, the cultivation of corn or soy mono-cultures can be avoided. This means that leaching of the soil and the resulting excess fertilisation is prevented. The newly recovered grasslands provide habitats for many animal species.

Finally, the grass raw material grass is used so effectively with the bio refinery and biogas plant that the food or fuel debate is further weakened.

Thus, bio refinery locations contribute to the solution of several problems and increase the profitability of biogas plants, which strengthens independence from grants and subsidies.

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