Biower’s succesful biogas reactor deliveries to Central-Europe

During 2010, Biower has delivered the biogas plant core part deliveries to the Netherlands, Germany and Switzerland. In four locations total capacity of biogas plants is 120 000 tonnes / year of bio-degradable waste.

Biower’s deliveries are bioreactors which are key process parts in a biogas plants producing biogas from bio-degradable waste. Deliveries have been done cooperation with Biower’s technology partner Swiss Kompogas AG, which is developer of word-leading dry fermentation method. Dry fermentation is most effective method to produce biogas, electricity, heat and fuel to vehicles from renewable biowaste. Biower has been able to shorten project lead time and further reduce project costs.

Fuel to vehicles and organic fertilizer

Zwolle Netherlands – Customer is regional waste management company in collaboration with Rowa HVC's, which is a four provinces common bioenergy sector joint venture. Annual waste handling capacity of double reactor is 40 000 tonnes. Waste is gased in two parallel reactor unit. Generated biogas is refined into vehicle fuels. Bioreactor also produces fertilizer, which is certified organic fertilizer product in Central Europe. Zwolle plant is already operating and producing fuel to vehicles.

Aalsmeer Netherlands - Biower delivers another double reactor to Netherlands. Customer is De Meerlanden NV, waste management company owned by ten municipalities south from city of Amsterdam. The plant is located next to Schiphol airport, and it handles waste from 150'000 household and 4'000 business locations. Raw material is separately collected biowaste and garden waste. Biogas plant capacity is 40 000 t / year. Biogas is purified and used in the company's own collection cars as fuel or fed into the natural gas network. The carbon dioxide is supplied to greenhouses. Plant will start to operate in March 2011.

Electricity and heat from biogas

Biower has already delivered bioreactor for local waste management company in Grossefehn, Germany. Other delivery has been made to Wauvil Switzerland. In Wauvil mushroom farmers and Biower’s technology partner Kompogas have established a joint venture to build and operate a biogas plant. Annual biomass handling capacity of single reactor is 20 000 tonnes in both locations. Gas is fed to CHP-plant which produces electricity to the grid and heat for central heating system.

Renewable energy feed-in tariff to Finland

Waste recycling and waste to energy solutions will increase substantially in Finland and Scandinavia in the coming years. Feed-in tariff for renewable energies started in Finland at 1.1.2011. Biogas energy produced in Finland will rise to 0.7 TWh / year according authorities. In several areas there will be come competition from waste and first customers will get an advantage and leadership on the market. Biower sees several new projects starting in year 2011 and during coming years in Finland and Scandinavia.

Biower is a supplier of total solutions for biogas and waste water treatment plants, with responsibility for all deliveries throughout the project. Its service provision covers the entire life cycle of plants – from feasibility studies to project management and subsequent life cycle services. The plants’ process technology solutions, based on field-proven reliable innovations, have been developed by our partners and are now being applied by Biower in its market area. 

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