BMW dealership scores a first for clean energy in BC.



Ontario-based Cleanfield Alternative Energy Inc. made the headlines this week with the announcement it has sold and installed one of its industry leading vertical-axis wind turbine ('VAWT') to Auto West BMW of Richmond B.C.

Already one of the greenest businesses in the province, Auto West BMW choose Cleanfield's  CDNX:AIR.V vertical axis wind turbine (VAWT) not just to cut energy costs, but also to raise the feasibility profile of alternative energy systems.

Auto West already has installed solar panels, geothermal heating/cooling, and rooftop gardens,.

Cleanfield CEO, Tony Verrelli, comments, 'The Cleanfield turbine will reduce Auto West's reliance on utility grid electricity. This purchase demonstrates Auto West's industry leadership in environmental responsibility.'

'As a very visible business in the public eye, this BMW dealership will help increase public awareness around environmental issues through its direct reduction of CO2 emissions and other harmful side effects associated with the use of fossil fuels,' he added.

Cleanfield's 3kW vertical axis wind turbine has been designed for simplicity, resulting in fewer moving parts and increased reliability. The turbine's high aspect ratio accommodates a low nominal RPM, resulting in lower tip speeds and negligible audible noise

Cleanfield is leading the industry in its capacity for building-integrated green solutions. The company has already had success in the education sector through its sales to school districts in Ontario, and now has added the automotive industry as another market for its products.

Earlier this month Cleanfield announced installation of its vertical-axis wind turbines at the University of Notre Dame in Indiana and at Ryerson University in Ontario adding to a growing list of academic clients. Cleanfield now has VAWT units operating at Virginia Tech University, University of Dayton, University of Regina, and Mohawk College.

According to Hadi Dowlatabadi, Canada Research Chair in Global Change at the Institute for Resources, Environment and Sustainability at the University of British Columbia, 'Auto West BMW is at the forefront of environmentally-aware businesses in our region. Their new premises are a showcase for efficiency and environmental sustainability in commercial buildings.'

Emily Moorhouse, wind policy manager for the Canadian Wind Energy Association (CWEA), noted small wind energy is still relatively rare in the country that has developed much of the technology for it.

The potential is there, however, as the public becomes more aware of the technology available to them. What is needed, according to Moorhouse, is government policy that encourages people to use it.

Based in Ancaster, Ontario, Cleanfield is an innovative technology company focused on the research, development and distribution of renewable energy solutions for the urban environment.

The company's proprietary inverter technology is currently focused on the 3.5 kW vertical axis wind turbine. The company is also developing several advanced solar photovoltaic technologies with strategic partners.

By focussing on the small scale urban energy market Cleanfield has demonstrated it is an innovator to watch.

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