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BPA Energy Smart Industrial Honors Washington Apple Supplier for Taking Bite Out of Energy Costs


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Zirkle Fruit cuts nearly 3.5 million kilowatt-hours in annual energy use while meeting year-round demand for state’s most famous fruit

PROSSER, Wash.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- For Washington State-based Zirkle Fruit, the decision to pursue a suite of energy efficiency projects was equal parts common sense and good citizenship. Reducing energy use by almost 3.5 million kilowatt hours a year saves them $185,000 a year in energy costs and provides enough energy savings to power nearly 300 Northwest homes. The two-year return made the investment too hard to pass up.

Members of the project team that performed Zirkle Fruit

Members of the project team that performed Zirkle Fruit's energy efficiency upgrades--including the installation of the high speed roll-up door in the background--receive an honorary check representing incentives worth $880,000. Pictured in the group (from left to right) are Benton PUD's Jeff Hall and Chris Johnson, Zirkle Fruit's Dave Copeland and Jeff Gill, BPA ESI's John Whitchurch, Zirkle Fruit's Jim Breymeyer and BPA's Boyd Wilson. (Photo: Business Wire)

“The improvements made to the facility over the last couple of years will ensure we continue to pack some of the world’s best organic apples,” the company’s Operations Manager Dave Copeland said at an event held Wednesday, Nov. 14 to recognize the company’s 35% reduction in energy consumption.

In recognition of Zirkle Fruit’s eco-friendly achievements, Copeland and other company representatives hosted a tour of the newly upgraded Prosser facility and received a ceremonial check representing $880,000 in incentives that were provided by Benton Public Utility District (PUD) to support their energy efficiency investments. Those in attendance included officials from Benton PUD and the Bonneville Power Administration (BPA)—the two energy suppliers that provided project funding and support through BPA’s Energy Smart Industrial (ESI) program—as well as representatives from the local government and other community organizations.

“Industrial facilities are probably the biggest power users within our utility service area,” said Boyd Wilson, BPA’s Energy Efficiency Representative. “And so this unique position means that energy efficiency projects can deliver significant benefits to both the industrial facility and the region. Industrial energy efficiency provides significant energy savings, fosters job creation and improves the region’s economic competitiveness.”

Zirkle Fruit’s staggering savings—nearly 3.5 million kilowatt-hours per year—resulted from a series of facility upgrades, including the installation of higher performing ammonia compressors to replace inefficient Freon compressors and variable frequency drives on evaporator and condenser fans to improve part-load efficiency. System pressures were reduced through the use of new control valves; and control atmosphere system software was upgraded, which increased control and automation of the company’s evaporators, condensers and compressors.

Read more about the Zirkle Fruit’s energy efficiency efforts in the following case study:


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