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Brandoni Solare Spa heads to Morocco


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Solar Breeder Project

November 2014 - Casablanca, Morocco -- Brandoni Solare S.p.a brings Made in Italy to Morocco. A new significant business opportunity achieved through the “Solar Breeder” project, which will involve a selected number of Italian SMEs. The initiative aims to conquer the Moroccan renewable energy market.

 The agreement was achieved during “Photovoltaica” (the first international exhibition on photovoltaic energy which took place from 4th to  6th November in Casablanca-Morocco). Eng. Giovanni Simoni, on behalf of the Group, and Mr. Ahmed Baroudi, for the Societè d’Investissment Energetique (S.I.E.) signed this important agreement in the presence of the major responsibles in the renewable energy field of the Atlantic / Mediterranean Country.

 The Minister of Energy Mr. Abdelkader Amara, the Minister of Finance and Economy Mr. Mohamed Boussaid, the Ministers of CEO and MASEN (public agence for the solar energy development) and the ONEE Director General have assisted to the signing.

“Solar Breeder” that will involve the settlement of selected Italian companies, characterized by the quality of products and services, in a certain industrial field, for the whole photovoltaic value chain. Amongs participats: Brandoni Solare Spa ,Friem  S.p.a, RSE S.p.a, Moroni & Partners S.r.l, Kenergia Sviluppo S.r.l and Raptech S.r.l.. The project will be coordinated and developed by  Kenergia S.r.l..

 The “Solar Breeder” agreement encompasses investments for 22 millions of Euros. This is the first time that a group of Italian companies decides to work together in order to scoop the international competition. “The challenge we are facing is to deal with the new renewable markets with the Italian SMEs – said Simoni – and we can achieve it only with a common commitment and the support of local public and private institutions. The agreement signed today represents the starting point in a process of invetments which will involve Italian companies, local banks, the S.I.E and private investors”.

 RES4MED commitment (asociation promoting renewable energy development in the mediterranean area) was crucial to reach the agreement as it smothened the Italian SMEs  way to the Moroccan renewable market enabling to take contacts with the local authorities. 

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