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Breakthrough in Bio Fuel processing


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High-frequency plasma impulse cracking

12.May.2014 - Bangkok -- After 5 years of research and development the Engineers of EnvoPark Co.,Ltd. where able to finalize the Plasma Impulse Cracking reactor (PIC) process. Instead of using chemicals the PIC process does not need any chemicals.

Tests with Jatropha curcus oil have shown the within the PIC process the oil can be turned in even to gasoline fuel further research will take place in Uganda in cooperation with Pure Bio Synergy Limited and Tripple Energy Limited.

The target processing for the first month of operation is set at 500 - 1000 liter of high grade Bio Diesel and 200 liter of high grade Gasoline. During the cracking process as well a quality Glycerin are produced. As our tests have shown we will be able to reduce Bio fuel processing costs by 20-30% as an estimate, real savings and advantages will be visible once the process works under a real production faciltiy and environment.

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