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Brown announces start of boiler scrappage scheme

More old boilers will be available for scrap as Prime Minister Gordon Brown and Energy and Climate Change Secretary Ed Miliband announce the start of the boiler scrappage scheme today (5 January).

The national scheme aims upgrade household heating systems to cut carbon, save money on fuel bills and sustain work for the heating industry.

Up to 125,000 households in England with working “G-rated” boilers can from today (5 January) apply through the Energy Saving Trust for a voucher which will entitle them to £400 off the price of a new, modern “A-rated” boiler or a renewable heating system like a biomass boiler or a heat pump.

Brown said: “Today’s announcement will slash household energy bills and carbon emissions while providing an important boost for the British heating industry. The Government’s new scrappage scheme will help to secure 250,000 jobs across the tens of thousands of small and medium-sized businesses involved in boiler manufacture, sales and installation that form a vital component of Britain’s low carbon economy. The scheme shows how this Government continues to invest in the British industries and jobs of the future.”

The Government states that the boiler scrappage scheme will help sustain work for 130,000 installers of boilers and more than 25 UK-based boiler manufacturers throughout the economic recovery.

Miliband said: “The boiler scrappage scheme wills save around £200 off heating bills per year for families that are replacing their old boilers, and in total will save the same amount of carbon equivalent to taking around 45,000 cars off the road.”

Heating and Hot Water Industry Council spokesman Roger Webb said: “HHIC strongly welcomes the initiative to replace old inefficient boilers. We have been campaigning diligently for a long time and given the importance of meeting the Government’s emission targets this will make a significant difference. Householders are naturally reluctant to replace a working boiler even though it is wasteful on energy and so an incentive to do this is vital.

“The scheme is good on many levels because householders could see a large reduction in their energy bills, the major carbon savings resulting from replacing inefficient products will help climate change and finally for UK industry and employment because most boilers installed are .actually manufactured in the UK.”

Brown announces start of boiler scrappage scheme

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