Budget takes the wind out of clean energy sails



Glen Estill is one of a small group of entrepreneurs across the country trudging along a narrow green path.

After seeing this week's federal budget, which effectively ended a popular subsidy program to encourage renewable energy producers, the president of Sky Generation Inc., a small wind energy firm in Lion's Head, north of Owen Sound, Ont., says he may have to cool his heels.

He built three wind farms between 2002 and December 2009. Two of those have benefited from a federal program that sought to level the economic playing field between polluting energy sources, such as coal and oil, and clean energy from the wind, sun and water.

Now that the federal incentive of one cent per kilowatt hour of energy produced has nearly run out, Estill predicts other small firms like his will have to reconsider their business plans.

'I'll sit on my hands if I don't have the economics right,' he said.

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