Cal-Bay Technology Systems to Produce Commercial Energy Saving Units


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LAS VEGAS, NV -- (Marketwire) -- 01/12/12 -- Cal-Bay International, Inc. (PINKSHEETS: CBYI) today announced the company's new 'Technology Systems Division' will be producing its own brand of commercial application Energy Saving Units known as 'EST Systems.'

The 'EST System' provides energy saving cutting edge technology for use by business and in the public sector. The innovative line of products help reduce greenhouse gasses, while saving money on energy costs, with a rapid financial return on Investment period.

The 'EST' can reduce power consumption of fluorescent lighting systems by up to 40% whilst not compromising the same light emission benefits. The units are compatible with most power supply boxes and do not require any changes to the main supply line other than the installation of the 'EST' control box. The units do not require any changes to the actual ballast or Fluorescent lighting units and achieve additional savings in conjunction with LED lighting tubes and bulbs. Additional technical data and links will be available on the company's website.

Cal-Bay finalized an exclusive USA licensing and manufacturing agreement with the Australian based developer for the Cal-Bay Technology Systems brand 'EST' units.

Cal-Bay announced the 'EST' unit should be available for delivery and Installation by March 2012. The company is currently using EST 'Test' units for demonstrations. The target market for the 'EST' are primarily Hospitals, Retail Stores, Factories and Office Buildings where lighting is required on a 24/7 basis. The 'EST' can achieve an overall savings in excess of 40% on power bills and in many municipalities additional incentives from both Cities and Power Companies contribute additional incentives and shared purchase costs of energy saving systems with the end user.

In addition to Real Estate Acquisitions, Cal-Bay's management has aligned the company with a number of diversified 'Green' alternative clean power and fuel technologies along with state of the art Energy Saving systems and products for use in domestic and commercial environments.

Cal-Bay Technology Systems is a wholly subsidiary of Cal-Bay International, Inc.


Primarily a Residential & Commercial Real-Estate acquisition and development Holdings Company, Cal-Bay plans to continue the acquisition of distressed and undervalued residential and commercial real estate along with land acquisitions. The land and commercial properties being primarily for use by its own subsidiary companies for the production of 'Clean Energy & Power Technologies and Energy Saving Solutions' creating a multi-level revenue center for the company and its Investors. More Information will be available on the company website currently operational and under ongoing development.

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