World Energy Council (WEC)

World Energy Council (WEC)

Call for Papers for the 23rd World Energy Congress Istanbul, 9-13 Oct


Source: World Energy Council (WEC)

The top 3 winning prizes will be of 10,000 euros for the winner, 7,500 euros for the second place, and 5,000 euros for the third place.

The World Energy Congress is now accepting academic papers for its 2016 meeting. The deadline to submit papers is 30th April.

Submitting a paper to the World Energy Congress provides an excellent opportunity to contribute to the development of the global energy community. 20 papers will be selected to be presented at the dedicated expert forum and distributed to all delegates on USB flash drives.

Prizes will be awarded to these papers, which will range from 1,500 Euros to 10,000, totalling more than 60,000 Euros. The top three winning prizes are as follows:

              First Place:   10,000   Euros
Second Place: 7,500 Euros
Third Place: 5,000 Euros

Authors are invited to provide their insight on one of the following themes:

  • World Energy Scenarios

Energy scenarios to explore the future of energy production and to help us better understand critical uncertainties and factors which could impact key decisions

  • World Energy Resources and Technologies

A focus on innovative technologies for the following resources: Coal, Oil, Bioenergy, Waste, Peat, Geothermal, CCUS, Gas, Uranium & Nuclear, Hydropower, Marine, Wind, Solar, Energy Storage, Energy Efficiency Technologies, e-Mobility.

  • World Energy Trilemma

A look at how the private sector and governments can work towards an energy secure future through balancing the Trilemma (a 21st century policy framework for evaluating the degree to which energy options are (1) secure; (2) affordable; and (3) environmentally sensitive).

  • Financing Resilient Energy Infrastructure

Looking at the best financial models to finance resilient energy infrastructure which will enable the integration of new forms of energy into the grid and withstand changes in weather conditions.

For more information about how to submit an academic research paper, click here:

The World Energy Congress will be first global energy event to take place since COP21, and will provide a forum for energy leaders to collaborate on the next stages of developing a sustainable energy market.

Hasan Murat Mercan, President of the Organising Committee for the World Energy Congress commented: “With less than eight months to go until the 23rd World Energy Congress, the Organising Committee welcomes the input of academics and experts on the key energy issues of the day. As the most influential and inclusive gathering of senior leaders from all segments of the energy community, the World Energy Congress is a valuable opportunity for ideas to be shared and discussed.”

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