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Central Florida Fire Rescue Department Completes Testing and Confirms MagneGas® Fuel Order


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Fire Rescue Department from Central Florida Places First Order of MagneGas® as Replacement to Acetylene

TAMPA, Fla. -- MagneGas Corporation ('MagneGas' or the 'Company') (NASDAQ: MNGA), a leading technology company that counts among its inventions a patented process that converts liquid waste into a hydrogen-based fuel, announced today that it has received formal confirmation from a Central Florida Fire Rescue Department that it has successfully completed testing of MagneGas® for use as a replacement to acetylene and has placed its first MagneGas® order of fuel and MagneTotes®. The order was placed through the MagneGas exclusive Fire Rescue distributor, Municipal Equipment Company, LLC.

As part of its overall strategy to grow fuel sales, MagneGas has identified government funded organizations such as fire departments and first responder units as ideal customers for the use of its gas due to the speed of the MagneGas® cut and the concentration of the heat affected zone. The fuel is produced in the USA, from a renewable energy source, as opposed to acetylene which is made from calcium carbine which is mostly imported from China and other countries. The reduced heat affected zone as compared to acetylene means the potential for less impact on human life in the vicinity of a cut during extractions. In addition, MagneGas® is lighter than air, so the fuel dissipates in the event of a leak and is a stable fuel. These benefits are critical for the first responder market. The Central Florida Fire Rescue Department will be using MagneGas® as a replacement to acetylene for extractions and other metal cutting uses due to its safety profile. MagneGas personnel have planned ongoing training sessions with first responders which began on April 27, 2015.

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