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Complete Test Solution for Loudspeaker QC


Source: NTi Audio AG

For manual or automatic quality control of loudspeakers, NTi Audio offers a complete and compact solution.

The recently-introduced FX-SIP Amplifier & Impedance Measuring Module is the core of the new system. This module is built in to the FLEXUS FX100 Audio Analyzer and requires no external power amplifier to run the tests.

Simply plug in an M2010 measurement microphone and your hardware requirements are complete.

For manual testing of small to medium production volumes, the 'Standard' RT-Speaker software package does the job. The 'Premiere' package is designed for automated testing of medium to high production volumes. Both packages measure all parameters expected in a speaker test, as well as the Rub & Buzz effects with the help of the unique NTi Audio Pure Sound ™ technology.

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