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Correctly Measure Combustion Efficiency with the BTU700 and BTU1500


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Here at E Instruments in Langhorne, Pennsylvania, we could not be more immersed in our industry—designing and calibrating all ranges of gas detectors and combustion analyzers. Immersed as we are, we couldn’t ignore that many of our customers in the HVAC industry now require the most accurate and reliable combustion analyzers that we can offer them. At this point, we wanted to discuss the design and the functionality of our BTU700 and BTU1500 units and how they can correctly measure combustion efficiency.

The Accuracy of the BTU700

If you ever wanted an all-in-one combustion analyzer, the BTU700 is exactly that—gauging carbon dioxide and oxygen levels, side by side, as it measures efficiency. As it calculates the efficiency of the combustion process, it’ll display a readout on other pertinent data, like loss of gases and excess air.

With the BTU700, you’re able to measure O2, CO between 0 and 8000 ppm filtering for NOx, and calculate combustion efficiency. The BTU700 is also ideal instruments for ambient temperatures, differential pressures, draft measurements, and much more.

The Efficiency of the BTU1500

When our specialists here at E Instruments think of boilers and furnaces as well as the various other duties of an HVAC technician, we think of our dependable BTU1500. Ideally suited for commercial as well as residential boiler and furnace inspections and installations, the BTU1500 is also one of our most versatile and mobile combustion analyzers.

To the high-tech HVAC technician, the Android app for the BTU1500 allows you to sync and record all the CO, CO2, and O2 you measure out in the field. With its built-in ability to detect CO leaks stemming from boilers and furnaces, the device is an absolute essential for any HVAC company busying itself during the winter holidays.

Just as notable, the BTU1500’s plug-in-play, pre-calibrated sensors ensure the highest mode of accuracy on demand. It’s equally handy, rechargeable lithium battery allows it to serve in homes and businesses as long as it’s needed. To learn more about these models or any of the other products we offer, please browse the rest of our site.

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