Distributed Power Generation in China


Like many other countries with developing economies, China is expected to shift its focus to cleaner fuels for power generation. In the past, the country deployed district heating systems based around coal-fired heat-only boilers. However, the introduction of new small-scale power generation technologies using natural gas and potentially available renewable fuels such as biomass have provided a cleaner alternative for the generation of both heat and power. Following the announcement of the 12th Five Year Plan (FYP), the Chinese government declared that it would be promoting the development of new energy industries. This involves increasing the share of energy generation in the country accounted for by decentralized renewable energy such as wind and solar power in the country. The Chinese government has also expressed a strong desire to promote the widespread deployment of gas-fired Combined Cooling Heating and Power (CCHP) in the country. 

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- Market prospects of DG in China with growing demand for high efficiency and low emission technologies
- Key issues influencing the growth of DG in China
- Future and current market potential offered by DG with growth of renewable and gas fired power generation
- Future market opportunities with the growth of DG in China

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- Identify the key growth and investment opportunities with growth of DG technologies in China
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