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Do You Know The Advantages Of Biomass Pellet Fuel Wood Pellet Machine On Sale

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Biomass Pellet Machine

Biomass pellet fuel is a kind of new energy for environmental protection, which is produced by the waste of straw, rice husk, peanut husk, corn cob, camellia oil husk, cotton seed husk and so on.

Biomass pellet fuel is rich in raw materials, which can meet the combustion requirements of large and small boilers. The wood pellets can replace wood, raw coal, heavy oil, natural gas, etc., widely used in heating, hot water boilers, industrial boilers, power plants, etc., especially suitable for production enterprises in areas with high requirements for environmental protection and energy conservation, both environmental protection and economic.

Zhengzhou Fusmar Machinery is a professional biomass pellet machine manufacturer, this article we will introduce advantages of biomass pellet fuel in detail.

Biomass Pellet Fuel Advantages

1. Biomass pellet fuel has a high calorific value of about 3900-4800 kcal /kg, and the calorific value after carbonization is up to 7000-8000 kcal /kg.

2. Biomass pellet fuel has high purity and does not contain other sundries that do not generate heat. Its carbon content is 75-85%, ash content is 3-6% and water content is 1-3%.

3. Biomass pellet fuel does not contain sulfur and phosphorus, does not corrode the boiler, can extend the service life of the boiler, the enterprise will benefit a lot.

4. Because the biomass pellet fuel does not contain sulfur and phosphorus, combustion does not produce sulfur dioxide and phosphorus pentoxide, so it will not lead to acid rain, do not pollute the atmosphere, do not pollute the environment.

5. Biomass pellet fuel clean and sanitary, convenient feeding, reduce the labor intensity of workers, greatly improve the labor environment, the enterprise will reduce the cost of labor.

6. There is little ash ballast after the combustion of biomass pellet fuel, which can greatly reduce the site for stacking coal ballast and reduce the cost of ballast.

7. The ash after biomass pellet fuel combustion is a high grade organic potash fertilizer, which can be recycled to generate profits.

8. Biomass pellet fuel is nature's gift to our renewable energy.

As a new type of pellet fuel, biomass pellet has won wide recognition with its unique advantages. Compared with traditional fuel, biomass pellet has not only economic advantages but also environmental benefits, is welcomed by wood pellet plant.

Firstly, due to the shape of pellets, the volume is compressed, storage space is saved, and transportation is convenient, thus reducing the transportation cost.

Secondly, high combustion efficiency, easy to burn out, the amount of carbon residue is small. Compared with coal, the volatile content is high and the ignition point is low, which is easy to ignite. Increased density, high energy density, combustion duration increased significantly, can be directly used in coal-fired boilers.

In addition, when biomass pellets are burned, the content of harmful gas is very low, and the emission of harmful gas is less, which has environmental protection benefits. And the ash after combustion can also use directly as potash fertilizer, saving costs.

In order to meet the various needs of customers, Zhengzhou Fusmar Machinery not only provides the complete set of biomass pellet production line, but also provides the single machine in each production process.