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On behalf of the Energy Institute (EI) and GREENFOODS consortium, Dr Chian Wen Chan organised a 3 day GREENFOODS Energy Training course from 27-29 April. The course looked at energy efficiency and renewable energy across the Food and Drinks (F&D) industry, something which is especially important with the onset of the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS).

The trainers were:

  • Dr Chian Wen Chan
  • Dr Huashan Bao
  • Dr Mohammad Royapoor
  • Sharon Joyce

The first day’s session covered the energy audit and GREENFOODS Branch Concept. The sub-topics covered included:

  • steps to basic and detailed audit
  • the importance of thermal imaging to identify energy waste and recovery potentials
  • understanding client’s current energy management practices
  • preliminary understanding of energy intensive food processes, e.g. drying

The second day’s session covered different types of food processes and also whether these operations should be batch, continuous or semi-batch (the latter being more common in the F&D industry). The important modes of operation had to be understood so that the context in which energy recovery potentials and solutions (energy efficiency) would be better understood. Renewable energy technologies were also introduced especially with regards to low grade heat utilisation which is widespread in this sector.

The third day’s session covered boiler, but with a heavier focus on cooling and refrigeration requirement since the F&D industry can consume up to 70% of cooling energy of the total energy usage on site. There was an intense interest from F&D stakeholders especially in the area of energy recovery from coolers and refrigerators and also the incorporation of renewable into cooling and refrigeration requirement (which was covered thoroughly by Dr Huashan Bao). Compressors were also covered by Dr Mohammad Royapoor as they are major components in compressed air, coolers and refrigerators. Funding tools presented included Renewable Heat Incentive, Feed-in-Tariff, Enhanced Capital Allowance, etc. were covered by Dr Chan.

Where do we go from here?

To ensure continuous success, Dr Chan will be presenting alongside Campden BRI on 3 June, on energy efficiency in the F&D industry.

The branch will also be making an important appearance at ACHEMA in Frankfurt, Germany on 15 June. ACHEMA is the world forum for the process industry. This will be a good opportunity for anyone to engage with all international experts in energy efficiency in the F&D industry. For more information, please contact Dr Chan, 

The next steps will involve the current trainers in implementing a Virtual Energy Competence Centre (VECC) at AHDB with the assistance of Christine Walsh so that knowledge built up over the years at the EI and GREENFOODS can be passed on to new trainees and shared with the industry. For an update on VECC, please email either Dr Chan or Christine Walsh,

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