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EnviTec Biogas signs expansion contract with major Chinese agricultural company


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Chinese delegation visits EnviTec at Saerbeck

Lohne / Germany -- China invests in biogas technology “Made in Germany”. The signing of a contract extension by Beijing-based Sifang Leo Livestock Science and Technology Co. Ltd. and the biogas all-rounder from Lower Saxony, Germany, now marks the addition of the seventh construction project on Chinese soil to the order books for EnviTec Biogas AG. A 8-strong delegation from China arrived yesterday (21 April) for the sole purpose of signing the contract for the second phase of the gas upgrading plant project started in Dingzhou, Hebei province. The customer is a large agricultural concern whose products include milk tank wagons and feed mixers for large enterprises, and which specialises in the planning and construction of large-scale livestock facilities.

“The signing of the contract at our Saerbeck site coupled with a personal visit by our business partners are clear signs that the acceptance and demand for our EnviThan gas upgrading technology is growing in the international market,” comments Olaf von Lehmden, CEO of EnviTec Biogas. The 847 normal cubic metre (Nm³) plant, will be run on cattle slurry and maize stover silage, and constructed by the customer under EnviTec’s supervision using the industry-proven container design. The green light for the second phase now agreed by contract is likely to be given in October 2016.

“With EnviTec Biogas, we are very happy to have brought a global player in biogas plant construction on board whose high-quality work and superior technological specifications will now be the standard for the second gas upgrading project we have planned,” commented Hu Chaoyang, President of Sifang Leo Livestock Science and Technology at the extension contract signing. The EnviThan membrane technology developed by EnviTec is an especially cost-effective and environmentally friendly innovation, since it operates entirely without chemicals, water or the use of other external resources. The polymer membranes are highly efficient, and clean the raw biogas generated in the biogas plant to a content of over 97% high-purity biomethane, which can be used directly as a fuel in China. 

The biogas all-rounder was also able to impress its customers with its technical expertise during their visit to the Bioenergy Park in Saerbeck: here, Saerbeck’s mayor Wilfried Roos explained to his opposite number Li Junhui, mayor of Dingzhou, the background to this successful climate project and the long-term collaboration with EnviTec Biogas at Saerbeck.

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