First wind-solar power station in Barcelona

The Barcelona Energy Agency (AEB) has just signed a collaboration agreement with the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC), Regesa, and Fecsa Endesa to build a mixed wind and solar power station in a complex of 175 apartments for young people in Barcelona. This is a pioneering project in the use of renewable energy, and will replace conventional power for water heating - a requirement of Barcelona's bylaw on solar heating, which is now required in all new blocks of flats in the city.

The same municipal regulations allow other forms of renewable energy besides solar power, but this is the first experiment of this nature. The pilot project - a public project run by Regesa - includes a wind farm with at least three vertical turbines of 2.5 kW each and a photovoltaic plant of 34.336 kWp linked to the national grid, generating the equivalent amount of energy to that specified for heating by the OST.

Endesa is responsible for the engineering element of the project. They estimate that the wind-solar power station will produce about 52,200 kWh per year, or the equivalent of the total energy consumption (not just water heating) of 24 apartments of 80m2, reducing annual CO2 emissions by 5.5 tonnes. The contract reflects the desire to create a basis for cooperation between universities, public bodies, and businesses in order to respond effectively to the challenges of technological change.

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