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Food - Bioenergy - Environment - stable markets in a crisis


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Rural area management ‐ we have developed ICT solutions for these markets ‐ are in a huge change process ‐ from an outmoded agro‐forest market, into new markets, where agro‐forest stakeholders have to think about

• a worldwide food production for nearly 10 billion people in near future (2050) as well
• additional bioenergy supply from forests and agriculture to help solving the worldwide energy problems, and
• all the environmental problems starting from climate change to floods and many other obstacles where solutions will only become possible with a well managed agriculture and forestry.

We all are ethically‐related responsible to contribute to solve and the duty to point out problems at the moment.
The farmer of the old school has to change to a specialized entrepreneur who is focusing on

• a sales oriented production (next to own needs he should at least be able to supply local markets) , who has
• to cooperate more with his neighborhood to fulfill regional aspects, who
• has to solve also administrative needs which should not become burdens for him
• who has to understand that, when optimizing his enterprise and cooperating with others to fulfill environmental tasks and using latest ICT solutions (either by himself or with the help from public or private advisors) he will receive good prices for his products and services.

That is the market segment, where PROGIS has specialized itself. It’s the target of the management team to support agriculture and forest entrepreneurs to solve their existing tasks and upcoming problems. The range of offered solutions comprises tools

• beginning from business planning to nutrient balancing or in near future foreseeable CO²/energy balancing,
• from documentation for traceability purposes to filling subsidy application forms, and
• concepts to prepare farmers or groups of farmers for precision farming to optimize costs by protecting in parallel the environment
• or even tools to define (by experts) and evaluate work processes and performances – to make them measurable and to provide a base to pay for these services rendered by farmers and foresters for regions, countries, and the environment without having got any equivalent so far.

PROGIS has developed all this technology and offers additionally to it consulting services. Nevertheless, farmers and agro organizations need in parallel training, know how transfer and capacity building. It is not anymore the antiquated style of IT where a little spreadsheet solved many problems. It is a complex system that has to be integrated with sector partners as the food‐ or biomass chain, with environmental experts and the needs of public organizations etc. have to be linked with. It requires detailed planning and later on the control and thousands of editional workplaces worldwide to solve all these problems. And I think, we have learned (not last from the current crises) that it would be better to pay a little bit more for healthy food or clean bio‐energy or a nice and safe environment than to have suit number 10 in our wardrobe or car number three in the garage.
We must move to produce again more sustainable values. To prepare oneself for this future, more teamwork is needed where ICT partners like PROGIS have to be integrated; and these partnerships are not designed to last just 1 or two years – they have to be long lasting and sustainable. Then the return will be excellent for all parties. Also when agricultural organizations are currently still hesitating to change their targets – they will change them, in the moment they suddenly understand what the future looks like, for the benefit of farmers and for all of us.

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