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Gas/Vapour Monitor for Biofuel Research

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Hiden Analytical introduce a new and novel cuvette-style interface for the Hiden
HPR-40 membrane inlet mass spectrometer(MIMS) series. Specifically engineered for
the researcher investigating gaseous species generated by algal photo-responsive
reactions, the cuvette is engineered to be both flexible and user maintainable and
features inert materials throughout.

Concentric transparent acrylic cylinders, sealed by a removable base and cap, form an
inner reactor zone with an outer sleeve, the latter to enable thermally stable water to be
re-circulated to maintain a uniform reactor temperature. A magnetically-driven
impeller, located close to the integrated membrane surface, maintains overall media

Two alternative sets of acrylic sleeves are supplied for user-selection of the reactor
capacity. Standard reactor volumes are 25cc and 50 cc, and two dark shields are
included to enable measurement with illumination excluded. Two membrane holders
are also supplied to provide a 4-fold difference in membrane surface area, the larger
area being preferred for enhanced transmission of organic vapours and the smaller for
dissolved gas measurement. Connectors are included for water connectivity and
thermocouple insertion.

The Hiden HPR-40 MIMS systems are available with alternative process interfaces
including media insertion probes, membrane carriers for recirculating media, stream-
switching modules for automatic cycling through multiple process vessels(up to 80
streams), fermentation top-gas measurement.

For further information on all Hiden Analytical products contact Hiden Analytical
at info@hiden.co.uk or visit the main website at www.HidenAnalytical.com.

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