Generation IV Reactors to Assert Re-emergence of Nuclear Power Industry

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Generation IV Reactors to Assert Re-emergence of Nuclear Power Industry


 Generation IV nuclear technologies, a set of new reactor designs, are currently being researched and developed by the thirteen members of the Generation IV International Forum (GIF). The goals laid down by the GIF aim at making nuclear energy as the most viable solution for energy production. Generation IV reactors can help boost the nuclear industry as they focus on enhancing reactor safety, efficiency, reliability, economics, proliferation resistance and physical protection. These reactors usually operate at high temperatures that are favorable for hydrogen production, which is a significant advantage considering its rising demand. The high operating efficiencies offered by these technologies help further reduce generation costs related to fuel consumption and spent fuel storage. The excellent safety features of Gen IV will help in the reemergence of nuclear industry alleviating the anti-nuclear concerns mainly triggered after Fukushima accident.


- Generation IV reactors Research & Development Initiatives across the world
- Generation IV International Forum Signatories
- Generation IV Technologies

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- Gain insights on current developments in generation IV technologies
- Identify key research & development initiatives for generation IV reactors in European Union, Asia- Pacific and North American region
- Identify potential features of generation IV technologies to assert reemergence of nuclear industry
- Facilitate decision-making based on generation IV technological developments

 Table of Contents

1 Table of Contents 1
1.1 List of Tables 1
2 Overview 1
3 Generation IV Reactors to Assert Re-emergence of Nuclear Power Industry 2
3.1 Generation IV Reactors to Spur the Hydrogen Market 2
3.2 Generation IV Reactors to Help in Saving Nuclear Fuel 2
3.3 Development of Generation IV Reactors Likely to Abate Nuclear Proliferation 2
3.4 Developments of Gen IV Reactors to Alleviate Antinuclear Public Sentiment in the Wake of Fukushima 3
3.5 Generation IV International Forum Signatories Keen On Quick But Thorough Development 4
3.6 Conclusion 7
4 Appendix 7
4.1 Abbreviations 7
4.2 Methodology 7
4.3 Contact Us 8
4.4 Disclaimer 9

 List of Tables

Table 1: Gen IV Reactors: Coolant, Moderator, Efficiency and Deployment Year 1
Table 2: Gen IV Reactors Fuel Used and Fuel Consumed, in Tons Per Year 2
Table 3: Gen IV Reactors: Uses, Safety Features and Benefits 3
Table 4: GIF System Arrangement 5
Table 5: Abbreviations 7

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