Grid connectivity in Chile to unlock solar potential


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The connection of the two biggest electric systems (named SIC and SING) has recently been approved in Chile.
This game-changing decision will create a balance between the energy supply and demand in the country, helping the installation of solar power plants in the north where solar radiation is higher.
At ChileSol 2014 (27 and 28 May, Santiago de Chile), the new Executive Secretary of the National Energy Commission (CNE), Andrés Romero, will lead a panel discussion dedicated to grid connectivity and energy transmission in Chile. The CNE is in charge of analysing energy prices, tariffs and all frameworks that would apply to companies dedicated to generate, transmit and distribute energy in Chile.
Romero will be joined in this panel by Daniel Salazar, Executive Director of the CDEC- SING, the organism in charge of coordinating the operation of the Electric System of the Great North (SING). Hugh Rudnick, Director at Systep and emeritus professor at the Catholic University, who is an expert in electricity issues in Chile.
The panel will give an overview of how energy transmission works and it show solar developers how to identify the right points to interconnect their plants. Most importantly, the panel will debate the impacts that the connection of the SIC and SING will bring for solar development in the country.
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