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Imtech: 120 million euro orders from Audi, VW, MAN and Opel for sustainable production processes


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Gouda, the Netherlands - Imtech N.V. (technical services provider in Europe) announces that as a technology partner of the German automotive industry it is increasingly being asked to assist automobile and Imtech has received new orders from Audi, VW, MAN and Opel valued at 120 million euro. Imtech's solutions not only contribute to a better environment and in achieving the sustainability objectives of these customers, they enable more cost-efficient production at the same time.

René van der Bruggen, CEO Imtech: 'The automotive industry is an important engine for the German economy. Imtech occupies a very strong position here as a technology partner and, among other things, is actively involved in establishing technical infrastructures, creating sustainable production processes, providing advanced testing technologies that are used to develop new and efficient car models with low CO2 emission and in the realisation of high-tech testing facilities. The emphasis is on innovative total solutions. The new orders are proof of our strong position.'

Audi connected to industrial waste heat
Audi in Ingolstadt has announced a huge investment with the objective of significantly improving the sustainability of production and to develop environmentally friendly electric and hybrid cars. Jointly in this context, Audi has decided that it will use the waste heat released from the nearby Petroplus oil refinery and from Ingolstadt's waste processing plant. To make optimal use of this industrial waste heat, Imtech will build a high-tech district heating station as well as an innovative hot water station. Both will be integrated into the existing district heating plant to which a part of Audi's production is connected. This significantly optimises the energy use of Audi and will prevent the emission of 67,000 tonnes of harmful CO2 still this year.

New power plant for VW
VW manufactures gearboxes in Baunatal. Starting in mid-2012, VW will be using the most modern technology here for the production of electricity and heat. This will enable VW to generate 75% of the electricity it requires itself; in addition energy consumption will drop by 30%. Imtech will build a new high-tech co-generation plant (combined CO2 and NOx neutral generation of heat and electricity - power - with high yield), including all associated sustainable steam and water components.

Energy-efficient production for VW and MAN
For VW in Zwickau and MAN in Munich, Imtech will implement the complete sustainability technical infrastructure in new production halls. The integration of all existing technical facilities - including amongst other heat, cooling, power supply, energy distribution, all electrical solutions, high-tech measurement and control technology, fire safety - makes it possible to implement energy-efficient and sustainable production.

Testing technology for Opel
Imtech specialises in testing technology that can be used to simulate the climate conditions of any climate zone on earth (maximum and minimum temperatures). This technology is used for bodywork and quality tests. A new high-tech cold climate testing facility will be built for Opel in Dudenhofen.

Half-2010, Imtech already announced that it had obtained orders for sustainable technology valued at 31 million euro from Porsche, Audi and Daimler in Germany and Hungary.

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