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Largest solar plant of the world to be launched in California


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BrightSource Energy, a U.S. company specializing in solar thermal electricity generation, is about to inaugurate by the end of the year the largest production center ever built in the Mojave Desert in California.

The new plant of Ivanpah, in the County of San Bernardino, is the project of the world's largest solar power plant, and has a focus on solar thermal concentrating technology towers.  

A senior BrightSource Energy, Joe Desmond, explained that “Ivanpah currently offers one of the highest in the world solar concentrations.'

According to the International Energy Agency (IEA) , solar grouping concentrating solar power and photovoltaic energy could represent 25% of total electricity generation by 2050 and cover a third of global demand from 2060.

To produce this concentrated solar power plant Ivanpah deployed 170,000 mirrors that concentrate the sun's rays on water- heater located at the top of three towers. The steam thus generated, where temperatures may exceed 260 degrees Celsius, activate turbines responsible for producing electricity.

'We can store thermal energy from the sun in the form of molten salt. Thus, we can generate electricity even when the sun goes down. Concentrated solar power a strong interest worldwide in areas where you have a lot of sun, such as China, South Africa, Middle East and North Africa' says Desmond.

Note that some campaigners denounce the environmental solar energy project for them, sacrifices a vast expanse of desert that is far from uninhabited. Notably, a desert tortoise has been relocated to facilitate construction of the complex, accounting for about $ 50 million effort.

Lisa Belenky, from the NGO Center for Biological Diversity, argues that it would be better to install solar power plants on ecological sites already damaged like ancient mines or parking for example.

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Customer comments

  1. By Kevin Smith on

    This project does NOT include any thermal storage with molten salt, even though BrightSource implies it in the quote. The Ivanpah project, while very large and with a technology that should work well, does not include any energy storage. It utilizes less advanced direct steam technology so energy production is completely dependent and the sun and production goes to zero when the sun goes down. From other press releases, BrightSource is investigating molten salt storage with this technology, but currently has no projects in construction or permitted with molten salt storage.