MEPC.278(70) - Who’s Monitoring Your Fuel Tanks?


Source: JOWA

IMO resolution MEPC.278(70) came into force on March 1, 2018. This resolution mandates the collection of annual fuel usage for vessels of 5,000 GT and above. Submitted to the Flag Administration or their nominated party, this data will then be further aggregated by the IMO for use in developing a strategy to enhance fuel efficiency and address greenhouse gas emissions in shipping. This new requirement adds to the already large list of reports required for operating ships. The use of automated fuel tank level monitoring can greatly streamline this process while providing better accuracy & repeatability and reducing/eliminating human error.

Fuel usage on ships is not just a driver in C02 generation but it is also a major cost driver in ships operations. The ability to simply and reliably monitor fuel tanks onboard vessels automatically is an essential tool for both IMO reports and controlling operating costs. Operators and owners both need accurate and current data about fuel onboard to efficiently manage their vessel’s operations. Shore-side personnel can already monitor any number of vessel operational parameters from their desktops in real-time. Adding fuel onboard status to that list can be a very helpful tool to control costs. As an example, fuel purchases can be made in locations where the vessel owner / operator has the best purchase contracts in place keeping costs in check.

The use of a fuel tank level gauging system that outputs tank level data to the Main Engine Control Console is the first step in this process. The sensors should be of robust construction and provide repeatable results with very little maintenance. JOWA USA’s Metritape tank level sensors provide this easy to use and reliable result and are paired with electronics that allow the data to be displayed to the crew and to be captured for transmission to shore.

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