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Micro-CHP projections to 2020 reveal new opportunities for sector in Europe


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Micro-CHP technologies are the latest addition to the combined heat and power (CHP) family, entering the market as Europe shifts towards a consumer-led, low-carbon and efficient energy system. Leading markets for micro-CHP include Germany, the UK and the Netherlands. However, in order to speed up market deployment across Europe, the industry needs a more conducive policy framework, greater involvement from the wider energy sector and more innovative business models.

Speaking at the COGEN Europe Annual Conference next week, John Murray of Delta-ee will present a series of projections for the micro- and small-scale CHP sectors by 2020, highlighting the markets with the most potential and growth opportunities. “To unlock the potential for micro-CHP, policymakers will need to understand the important role that these technologies can play in delivering cost-effective primary energy savings and CO2 reductions, while significantly contributing to the integration of intermittent renewables,” Murray said. “Other market players, such as the gas sector, will find that new business models can render micro-CHP products very attractive in the context of a liberalised energy system where greater weight is given to energy efficient and low-carbon solutions,” he added.

Fiona Riddoch, Managing Director of COGEN Europe, commented: “Micro-CHP is included in measures under European energy efficiency policy as a promising new energy-saving technology. Micro-CHPs have the potential to deliver significant primary energy savings and at the same time interact on the electricity network to support renewables. These benefits should be taken into account at the national planning level, especially in the context of the implementation of the Energy Efficiency Directive.”

The COGEN Europe Annual Conference 2014 takes place on 3-4 April at the Renaissance Hotel in the heart of the Brussels EU quarter. To find out more about market projections for the micro- and small-scale CHP sectors to 2020, please register now for the Conference. To see the full agenda and to register, please click here.

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