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New Financing Packages Make Purchasing Waste Oil Furnaces a More Viable Investment


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Honey Brook, PA, January 2013 -- Clean Energy Heating Systems, a Pennsylvania designer and manufacturer of waste oil furnaces, is making it easier than ever to purchase its products. By partnering with Fernwood Capital, the company now offers several financing packages to businesses who recognize the value of waste oil heaters that convert used petroleum products into heating fuel, but who otherwise might not be able to afford the initial investment.

Businesses can be on their way to saving money with an EPA-approved and environmentally-friendly furnace by completing the simple application process to obtain financing that suits their needs.

Businesses have the option of financing their purchase 100 percent. Terms are structured to each individual business’s cash flow and, at the end of the lease, the business acquires ownership of the waste oil furnace.

According to Clean Energy Heating System’s Sales and Marketing Director, Virgil Zook, “Leasing allows you to finance all the costs associated with the equipment. With a lease, you can even include ‘soft costs’ like the delivery charge.”

Leasing also enables businesses to preserve their established bank lines and keep cash available for unexpected emergency situations. Plus, it allows them to invest their funds into other aspects of their businesses where they can generate more significant returns.

Other advantages of the financing include easier budgeting and forecasting because lease payments are fixed and tax benefits because the monthly lease expenses made in a current fiscal year are tax-deductible.

A lease arrangement can also help businesses hedge against inflation.

 “You get more for your money by purchasing equipment at today’s dollars, and your monthly payment is a small portion of the total cost of the equipment,” explains Zook. “Leasing allows you to acquire more expensive equipment at today’s cost. If you’d wait until you have all cash reserves on hand, the costs for the equipment might be substantially higher.”

For additional information about the financing options available for Clean Energy Heating Systems waste oil furnaces, please contact Doug Bullock at Fernwood Capital by phone at 888-355-2882 or by email at

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Clean Energy Heating Systems designs and manufactures innovative, efficient and easy to service waste oil burners. Through careful research and testing, they build eco-friendly waste oil furnaces that push the limits of technology – and that help businesses improve their bottom line by turning waste oil into clean, safe heat. For more information, visit their website at, call their office at 888.519.2347, or email them at

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