New Generation of Geophone Array Technology from SR2020, Inc. Promises to Transform Oil and Gas Exploration and Production


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(PRWEB) December 10, 2012 -- SR2020, Inc., established in 1998 and headquartered in Brea, California, is an independent services and technology company dedicated to answering difficult reservoir management questions through the application of advanced borehole seismic methods. They have offices in Houston, and Dubai.

SR2020, Inc. has thrown open the door to the next generation of oil and gas exploration and production. At a time in our history when cost, time, efficiency, and results are more paramount than ever in the oil and gas industry, SR2020 has stepped in to fill the technology gap in a way no other company is equipped to do, letting you balance cost vs. value, and maximize your return on investment (ROI).

SR2020's progressive three-dimensional vertical seismic profiling ("ProVSP") service enables the company to offer high-end seismic service to operators on a more cost-effective basis and in a way that maximizes the effect on the value of the oil or gas asset by deferring the cost of expensive surface seismic over the life of the project. In addition, SR2020 continues to develop microseismic services, including permanent array monitoring, which are intended to materially improve the economic and environmental impact of shale gas or oil fracking operations.

Borehole seismic is a class of technology that bridges the gap between surface seismic technologies and well logging technologies. Borehole seismic has evolved into a powerful technology for 3D imagery and reservoir characterization because it can provide much higher definition images of the reservoir than surface seismic and image the reservoir area surrounding a wellbore far beyond the reach of logging techniques, at a fraction of the cost of surface seismic, and delivered months sooner.

● SR2020's main objective is to provide the asset team with a cost effective solution for understanding and developing a complex or unconventional reservoir
● SR2020's High Definition technology enables the asset team to characterize changes in the reservoir that are not possible with traditional 3D seismic techniques
● In unconventional reservoirs SR2020's technology enables the asset team to illuminate and understand the changes that occur in the reservoir as it is stimulated
● SR2020 provides an integrated planning, acquisition, processing and interpretation approach that delivers focused and targeted imaging solutions in geologic settings traditional techniques are unable to provide
● SR2020's targeted results are delivered within weeks instead of months or years, enabling the asset team to make decisions in shorter time frame

Bill Bartling, CEO of SR2020 Inc. said: "We believe that SR2020's proprietary technology and highly experienced personnel are capable of delivering both ProVSP and microseismic services of a higher quality than anything else available in the industry. Increasingly our customers appreciate the economic benefit of using our services, through increased production and reduced time and costs. In addition, ProVSP methodology enables operators to increasingly utilize seismic to develop a field while not incurring the upfront capital expenditure of commissioning a survey of the entire field before commencing production. This has a significantly positive effect on an operator's cash flows and the net present value of his assets."

David Sefton of Linton Capital, International Oil and Gas Technology Ltd.'s Investment Manager, said: "SR2020 is an excellent company with proprietary technology and services which directly address key problems that operators face in developing their assets."

SR2020 Inc. Company Contact:
Bill Bartling, President and CEO
SR2020 Inc.
(714) 482-1922

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