`Now the world wants to increase its capacity`


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Sweden is still the world leader in bioenergy, but the world is catching up. This is according to Mats Mared, Managing Director of Mared.

'It is very evident, particularly here at the fair, that bioenergy has gained a foothold in the rest of the world in recent years,' he says.

Mared has long been established on the Scandinavian market as a dealer of machines and a supplier of total solutions in recycling/energy and woodworking.

'We consciously target companies in Scandinavia because it's a market we have experience of. However, we are now receiving queries from Northern Europe, the Baltic States and Russia as well.'

Mats Mared says that just a few years ago, players in these countries were still in the starting blocks when it came to building bioenergy plants.

'Today they're fully up and running and are looking for ways to increase their capacity,' says Mared, adding that the company is not at all averse to collaborations like these, but that it evaluates queries from outside of Scandinavia in a different way.

'It's important to be aware that other markets can also present challenges, for instance when it comes to guarantees and service.'

At its show stand, Mared is for example revealing the Vecoplan VAZ 1300 to the Swedish market for the first time. It is an all-round mill that, with adaptation, can be used for virtually any material.

'It has a specially developed motor that can reduce energy consumption by up to 60% compared to conventional motors. This is of great significance, particularly when it comes to awkward materials,' Mared explains.

The company is leaving the fair with several new contacts and interesting projects. Mats Mared himself is delighted with his company's participation.

'It has gone better than expected. Bioenergy has grown in large parts of the world and there are conferences everywhere, but Sweden is still at the forefront and attracts industry folk from all over the world.'

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