Preventing Scaling In Heat Exchangers


Source: Fluid Dynamics International Ltd

Scaling in heat exchangers eliminated without using chemicals

Hard water scaling is a serious problem in all kinds of process equipment .. particularly plate type heat exchangers.

Papertech in Spain is a leading paper manufacturer and the water used in their factory is a very hard well water.

The engineers knew when they installed a plate type heat exchanger that the exchanger would scale up as the water hardness exceeded 500mgl.

They decided to search around for an environment friendly way of dealing with this problem and contacted Vital Fluitech the Spanish distributor for Fluid Dynamics,

Handling a quite significant flow rate of 80m3/hr and very hard water  VitalFluitech recommended a  5” diameter MagCAT as being the best product for the job.

MagCAT is a combination of Magnetic and Catalytic water treatment .It uses no chemicals and no electricity and works by converting dissolved calcium carbonate in the water into aragonite crystals.

These Aragonite crystals do not adhere to hot surfaces.

After 10 months of use there was no scaling in the heat exchanger when inspected and the management were delighted .. A 21/2” MagCAT has now been ordered to protect vacuum pumps from scaling up.

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