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Reduce Energy Use with an Energy Efficient Home


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Eco-Friendly Homes Create Energy Savings in Winter Months

Calgary, Alberta (December 8th, 2010) - Building energy efficient homes can reduce household heat loss by up to 37 per cent. Planet Panels supplies homebuilders with energy efficient products that help lock in heat and eliminate 90 per cent of conductive heat loss.

“Homes that aren‟t manufactured with energy efficiency in mind tend to have gaps, drafts and openings that release heat and allow cold air in,” says Production Supervisor at Planet Panels Shawn Miller. “The result of this is excessive heat loss, higher energy consumption, and more greenhouse gas emissions.”

In Canada, 60 per cent of the energy consumed in homes is for „space heating‟. When compared to traditional „stick and batt‟ construction, a home built using Planet Panels building products can be up to 55 per cent more efficient - equally reducing the amount of greenhouse gases generated in the home. Typical homebuilders often cannot avoid these energy losses. 

“Planet Panels uses a fully panelized system that allows for flawless construction on every home,” concludes Miller. “We are dedicated to creating the most energy efficient and environmentally friendly home building products that we can.” 

About Planet Panels

Planet Panels is an environmentally friendly home building supplier situated in Calgary, Alberta. Manufacturing and installing complete pre-built and insulated foundations, floors and wall systems that meet current NBC and provincial fire codes, Planet Panels‟ revolutionary building systems presents customers with a healthier, quieter, safer, energy efficient home at real value.###Media Contact: New Wave Media | Tara Molina | (403) 457-0919 |

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