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`RHI is good news for biomass` - says Dick Stephens, from Euroheat


Source: Euroheat Distributors (HBS) Ltd.

'We're delighted with the recent domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) announcement, which should provide a certain boost in business for biomass installers.

'Firstly, the cash back rates for biomass are 50% higher than we anticipated, making it an excellent proposition for homeowners looking to save and even make money. As an example, our Compact 35 kW boiler will earn £4,867 a year, giving a total pay back over the RHI's seven year lifespan of up to £34,000.

'Apart from the cash back, there's the fuel savings, particularly for those switching from oil; our main customer base. Many home biomass boilers will be log fuelled - the cheapest way to heat a house with wood. Fuel for a large log boiler costs about £700 a year if bought in bulk, with the equivalent oil system consuming around £3,500. For end users with access to their own wood supply, the savings are even greater.

'The other good news for biomass is how the figures stack up for other technologies. For a brand new two bed property for example, an Air Source Heat Pump may be the best choice and will provide the homeowner a reasonable return. The bigger and older the property, however, heat pump technology becomes unsuitable due to the low power output of the systems, whether ground or air source. Our biggest market in the domestic sector is 20kW and above, so we envisage that many of these homes that want to benefit from the RHI will more than likely choose biomass.

'As far as Euroheat's concerned, it's a great time to be in the biomass business. We've already experienced a boost thanks to the commercial version of the RHI - 99% of the renewable heat developed in RHI accredited sites uses biomass - what we need now is suitably trained installers to help meet the demand.'

Euroheat delivers HETAS approved biomass courses from its' training and exhibition centre in Bishops Frome, Worcestershire. For more information, visit:

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