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Robots Saving Labor Costs At Solar Energy Plants


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A team of robots in California is hard at work installing and cleaning 45-pound solar panels. The robot named Spot moves along rows of panels cleaning off the entire months’ worth of dirt and grime, and then dries them off with a squeegee.
Cleaning and installing solar panels is monotonous work, and it is rather hot out there all day in the sun. Not to these workers, they are not too hot or bored with their job.  The robots are amazingly low tech; which a small company built for this exact purpose, cleaning and installing solar panels.

The costs of building and maintaining large solar energy plants will decrease soon for projects utilizing the robots in China, Saudi Arabia, and California.  The prices of solar panels being so low, seventy percent lower than they were in 2008, companies are trying to find new ways to reduce costs.

Growing plants and dirt block the sunlight to the panels, reducing their output production levels. The crews called into clean up the situation, face miles of panels that need trimming and cleaning, which gets expensive. Mounting the panels to the ground is the same thing, a time consuming, expensive labor-intensive task.

 The need to level the ground is not necessary with the robots; they are able to work steadily on uneven ground. A machine lays down the track, which the robots follow for installation and cleaning. Once the track is complete, a cart follows the robots installing, gluing, and wiring the panels in place.

How are the Robots Controlled?
The robots operate by smartphone controls, and run on a solar battery. Many positive points come with employing the robots. With the time taken to construct a solar energy, farm or site reduced, so is the interest accumulating on loans involved in the business.

The labor saving costs and the reduction in efficiencies installing the solar panels result in increased savings across the board. Relieving the prices on the solar panel manufactures is the goal, as well as, beating the price of natural gas, according to the New York Times.

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