SDTC and Nova Scotia Organizations Announce Collaboration to Support Smart Grid Technologies


Source: Smart Grid Observer

Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC) this week announced a collaboration with the Nova Scotia Department of Energy and Innovacorp, a Nova Scotia crown corporation, on a pilot program to support the development and demonstration of smart grid technologies in Nova Scotia.

Innovacorp has teamed up with the Nova Scotia Department of Energy to help Nova Scotia researchers and early stage companies move their smart energy innovations closer to commercialization. SDTC is joining these two organizations in their efforts and will provide project evaluation support and will consider applicants who apply through the Smart Energy Innovation Program, for the SD Tech process.

Projects considered for this program can address any aspect of smart energy, including low carbon power generation, smart grids, energy storage, and ways to make better use of our existing renewable energy resources.

'SDTC is excited to partner with these like-minded organizations in Nova Scotia to help entrepreneurs move their innovations closer to commercialization. This partnership allows entrepreneurs to potentially access funding from both provincial and federal funding bodies through a streamlined application process. These technologies will provide economic and environmental benefits to Nova Scotians and all Canadians,' said Leah Lawrence, SDTC president and CEO.

'This partnership lets Innovacorp leverage external expertise and funding to help early stage Nova Scotia companies demonstrate smart grid technologies that can improve the electricity system in the province and beyond,' said Stephen Duff, Innovacorp president and CEO. 'Collaborations like this between federal and provincial agencies will accelerate the progress of high potential innovative companies in Canada.'

SDTC is an arm's-length foundation created by the Government of Canada to promote sustainable development and support projects that develop and demonstrate new technologies to address issues related to climate change, air quality, and clean water and soil. SDTC invests in Canadian companies that, through their innovative technologies, contribute positively to Canada by creating quality jobs, driving economic growth and protecting the environment.

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