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`Taste of Innovation in CleanTech 2013`


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TEL AVIV, Israel--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- In the end of this month the biggest 17th Annual International Conference and Exhibition for Clean Technologies will take place in Tel Aviv. Participants from Israel and abroad such as Italy, India, Poland and Palestine are very enthusiastic about attending the event. The international business platform will be focusing on Water Technologies, Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy, Green Building, Recycling and Green Transportation. This year, the International Water-Energy Nexus Symposium will be held on 29th January 2013 within the framework of CleanTech 2013, where the tight connection between water and energy and its importance in technological and business aspects will be centered too.

This year all the advanced technologies, patents and developments that are making the world greener and more ecological will be shown at the conference. Some of the innovations that will be present in CleanTech 2013 are solar system that produces water from the air humidity, cell phone charger from solar energy, green scooter and smart control monitor for water tanks and more.

Examples of innovative companies that will attend the event:

Water from air humidity from EWA and Sahar Solar where solar system monitors developed by Sahar Solar absorb the solar energy for 10 hours/day for power generation with 30% higher efficiency compared to regular ones and produces water from the air, about 25 cubic meters per day regardless of water resources and infrastructure.

Solar energy for charging cell phone, IPAD, MP3 player or GPS from Green Line. Innovative product portfolio including also solar bags allows cyclists and hikers to load their electronic devices without plugging into electricity.

Green scooters from MUV-e, 100% electrical, environment friendly and in a total integration with smart-phone will be present at CleanTech 2013. Green scooters can also be fold and easy to travel with (work place, train or car).

Smart control monitor for water tanks from Thermobit is an innovation to avoid unnecessary electricity usage for heating water. Boilers’ working hours can be managed manually or automatically and it allows knowing waters temperature at any time thanks to the monitor.

For more information, please visit the events website:

We are looking forward to see you at the CleanTech 2013 summit & exhibition.



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