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`The Eco Experts Stop Motion Video Shows Installing Solar Panels is Child`s Play`


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LONDON, November 13, 2012 /PR Newswire/ --  

Although many people have toyed with the idea of installing solar panels to generate their own electricity, they may not be aware quite how simple the whole process can be.

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A brand new stop motion video from energy efficiency specialists, The Eco Experts, shows fitting a panel to your roof really is child's play.

The brains behind the stop motion animation was Eco Experts' employee, Ian Wright, who spent two days playing with Lego to create the film.

He said: 'I wanted to create a concept which showed just how simple solar installation can be, as well as having a bit of fun with idea. We took about 1,500 photos, and then put them all together to make the clip.'

The video shows a homeowner sitting outside in the sun, while two workmen install a solar panel.

An Eco Experts spokesperson said: 'There has never been a better time to think about having a solar panel installed. Not only are they great for the environment, because you are generating your own energy rather than relying on fossil fuels, they are also hugely beneficial to your wallet.

'The Energy Saving Trust recently announced PV panels can earn you an extra £100 a year and we suggest the average householder could make £877 a year. Energy price hikes are dominating the news so creating your own energy is the perfect way to avoid paying huge sums to big corporations.'

Homeowners can earn up to £900 a year firstly by not paying for energy, because they are generating their own. Secondly, a feed-in-tariff means the resident is paid for the electricity they generate and use. They are then also paid extra money for the electricity they generate and don't use, because this can then be exported back to the grid.

The spokesperson continued: 'Not only can you save huge amounts by installing solar panels, they are also a great investment as they offer a ROI of about 8%, higher than a high street bank. A typical installation should take between one and two days and you can access a variety of quotes to ensure the best deal for you.'


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