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Thermal Spray Zinc Coating from MTM Metalizing saves Cost, reduces Maintenance for Akoa Mizu


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Singapore, June 14, 2011 - (ACN Newswire) - Zinc-Spray Coating on Akoa Mizu's flare boom will offer long-term protection from corrosion

MTM Metalizing, a leading thermal spray coating expert has completed the thermal spray application coating on Akoa Mizu, a vessel belonging to Bluewater Energy Services (BES). BES specialises in the construction and operation of floating production and storage offshore (FPSO) vessels. The Akoa Mizu, 248.12 m long and 42 m tall, is primarily used as a safe and stable floating platform for oil and gas production facilities. It is also used for other offshore activities including processing and separating incoming well effluent into oil, water and gas. The risk of corrosion from the vessel's working environment of sea water is made even worse by the presence of carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide in the gaseous stage. Therefore a thermal spray zinc application process was carried out on the flare boom of the Akoa Mizu.

According to Bill Jordan, General Manager of MTM Metalizing, the zinc coating on the flare boom will provide significantly better long-term protection than other anti-corrosion measures. 'Though the initial cost of the thermal spray application is higher, the maintenance cost will be lower, resulting in savings for BES over the life of the project. Also, being a floating production and offloading system, the AkoaMizu is required to stay on location offshore for as long as 10 years without dry docking for repairs. This significant period of time in a corrosive environment demands our maintenance-free zinc coating,' said Jordan.

It is noteworthy that the arc spray application was carried out from 50 ft above ground for the 42m high Akoa Mizu. 'No other traditional coating is capable of resisting corrosion while undergoing continuous thermal cycling process of expansion and contraction from heating andcooling,' said Jordan.

About MTM Metalizing

MTM Metalizing is a leader in Thermal Spray Coating Applications and specializes in manual Twin wire Electric Arc and manual Flame spray application. Our metalizing machines are manufactured by IMC in New Jersey, USA and registered with the United States Patent Office and the Paris Convention of Countries. The IMC patented technology used by MTM Metalizing is the current state of the art system for corrosion prevention.

Some of MTM Metalizing's major activities in Singapore include Thermal Spray Coating projects for the Exxon Mobile plant on Jurong Island, The Sail at Marina Bay and Bluewater Energy Services at Sembawang Shipyard. For more information, please visit www.mtmmetalizing.com.

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