Vista Inks Deal for "Closed-Loop" Renewable Energy Solutions


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DENVER, CO -- (Marketwire) -- 07/28/10 -- Vista International Technologies, Inc (OTCBB: VVIT), a specialist in the conversion of biomass and waste into renewable energy with its patented Thermal Gasifier™ technology, and Emerald Energy, LLC (, a producer of proprietary high-value agricultural products for use as biomass feedstock, soil remediation, and reforestation projects, are pleased to announce that they have signed a Letter of Intent to collaborate on Closed-Loop Biomass-to-Energy projects in the US and abroad.

Under the terms of the agreement, Vista will have an exclusive license to use Emerald Energy's proprietary MegaFlora™ tree in Biomass-to-Energy projects in the Western Hemisphere, and will have the right of first refusal on any new territories where Biomass-to-Energy projects using Emerald's technology may be built in the future. MegaFlora™ trees are ideal for Biomass-to-Energy projects due to their hardiness, high density wood and rapid growth characteristics. The trees have no invasive characteristics, use very little water, and can be harvested for biomass in just three years, versus ten or more for most other hardwood feedstocks. Emerald's biomass products have been featured in the movie 'FUEL,' and more recently on Christian Broadcasting Network's, 'The 700 Club.' MegaFlora™ trees have been tested in Fresno County, California, and are currently being grown in multiple locations in the United States. The collaboration between Emerald and Vista is being established to fulfill several pending energy production contracts. The parties expect to release more specific information on these contracts in the near future.

Thomas Pfisterer, CEO of Vista, expressed his enthusiasm regarding the Letter of Intent. 'Recently Vista management has placed a greater focus on partners and projects for the deployment of our next generation model of the Thermal Gasifier™. A major challenge for any renewable energy generation project is a long-term cost effective fuel supply. We believe that Emerald Energy, with their proprietary MegaFlora™ tree, will allow us to provide an end-to-end solution and usher in a new wave of renewable energy projects by having a guaranteed fuel supply for each project. The fast growth and high density characteristics of the MegaFlora™ tree will allow for greater production from less acreage, greatly increasing the profitability of closed-loop Biomass-to-Energy facilities. In essence, this agreement allows us to look at any sizeable parcel of arable land as a potential Biomass-to-Energy Project.'

Ray Allen, CEO of Emerald Energy, also recognized the importance of the agreement. 'We have looked at a number of efficient conversion technologies in recent years, and have found Vista and the Thermal Gasifier™ to be a superior option for conversion of the biomass feedstock generated by our trees. We are confident that the technology and personnel Vista brings to the table are second to none.'

For more information, please contact Vista International Technologies at 303-690-8300 or, or Emerald Energy at The CBN story on Emerald's MegaFlora™ tree can be found at the following link:

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