“We can rely on this system in any situation”

Hägglunds Drives is involved in one of the largest industrial investments in Sweden – a new enrichment and pelletizing plant being built by LKAB in Kiruna. The total value of the investment is estimated to exceed SEK six billion, including capacity improvement measures in the mine.

The investments include a 1.8-kilometre-long outfeed conveyor that will serve all the pellet plants and dressing plants.

The drive has to be able to accelerate the heavily loaded belt from a standstill to its top speed. This clearly means that power and speed control are vital factors in its operation.

“We said that we needed to be able to reduce the conveyor speed from 2.7 to zero metres per second. None of the electric drive suppliers could manage that. But with Hägglunds’ drives we can cope with an unlimited number of starts and stops, and control the belt smoothly,” says Kurt Hansson, LKAB’s consultant in Kiruna.

The conveyor will be driven by a Gemini system from Hägglunds Drives, consisting of three Compact CBP 840 and Gemini drives with five pump units, giving a combined output of 2,500 kW.

The pumps, electric motors, tanks and filter units will be housed separately in a hydraulic room. Having fewer but larger filters and oil coolers, combined with tandem pumps, ensures a clean, easy-to-service solution without unnecessary piping.

“Hägglunds has improved the accessibility of each module, as well as increasing the efficiency of each motor. We’re constantly looking for ways to use energy more efficiently, so the high efficiency of the new generation of hydraulic motors was a clear advantage – especially as we can rely on them to work in all situations,” says Jan Lundgren, project manager for LKAB.

“Hägglunds Drives have a lot of expertise in their field. They understand the needs and wishes of our technicians and can look after themselves when they are here. It’s reassuring to have Hägglunds involved in this project,” comments Jan Lundgren on the partnership.

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